Leading design

Leading design

This mobile first site was designed for the California based solar company, Sol Fusion. It's one of my favorite projects to this day and apparently theirs, as it's still online. However there's a whole lot more to learn and share in my portfolio, not everything makes it to the inter-webs but adds to my experience.

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Following current technologies and social trends is a big part of staying creative. Leading a team by example and treating everyone fairly is just my style. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented, honest and inspiring people you'll ever meet. From which, I have learned from the best and hope to share my knowledge and continue to learn from new experiences and those around me.

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  • Multifaceted

    Wide background and experience in web, print, fashion, mobile and game industries.

  • Teamplayer

    Having a great team is a big deal. Everyone should work well with one another, communicate their needs and bring their "A-game" everyday. A tradition shared through leadership and one I like to pay forward.

  • Solutions

    Never quitting on an idea, always looking for the best possible outcome and aware of when to deliver.


Can you make a design in 5 minutes?

Yes. It's possible, however you get what you asked for and I hope we are both pleased with the results :)

What do you like to do in your "Free-Time"?

Produce music on the train or DJ when possible. Visit the skatepark on occasion and when its possible, go on hikes with my family.

The best advice anyone ever gave me?

To work smarter, not harder. Work is hard enough. Discover areas to improve, save time and lower your stress. We spend more time at work then we do at our own homes, so make it count.