“JustPay” “JustPay” “JustPay” “JustPay” “JustPay” “JustPay” “JustPay” “JustPay”


Completing a User Experience journey for this product that allows users to split expenses and add multiple over the course of days, it can request/receive payments from multiple parties as well as keep track of recent transactions using API’s and personal authentication. My exploration was to extend the “split a bill” app idea, into something users will come back and use regardless of the event. Users have the option to do a multitude of expense itemizations and receive payment all within one app.


To allow multiple users, from a single person app, using multiple integrations from social media to Google and also payment apps like Cash, facebook, apple pay etc. Using SMS texts and other alerts to send secure links to verify activity. This started as a check splitting project, and then grew into something useful.


Starting at the table, dining with friends, the need to split a check and had long debates over "who had what" and "who will pay". Initially starting with rough wire-framing and sketches, brain-storming around the app and the user's needs from one day to the next to make sure it was useful. The challenges of people needing to split a bill and multiple expenses, getting the calculator apps out, using scratches of paper, communicating verbally and sending funds. Focused time into the needs of not just one user, but the group and other settings where groups run into a similar issue. Mobile payments are so common now that using secure API’s I know this is an easier way for not just a single check, but for life as we currently live it.

K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2 K2

Senior Interactive Designer & Lead Creative

Currently at K2 responsible for all global marketing collateral to our B2B business units. Bringing my experience into creative brainstorm sessions, sharing insights to business units on best practices and presenting research to stakeholders when needed. Graphics, typography, and motion are nothing without valuable content that can connect a brands story with their clients. Seeing opportunity where others don’t and bring passion to each project, from print collateral to mobile experiences everyday.

Russell Investments Russell InvestmentsRussell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments TV Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments Russell Investments


During my time at Russell Investments I took ownership of mobile apps, internal sales tools, responsive websites, brand materials, event collateral, internal comms and marketing campaigns. A constant volume of work and deadlines here in the U.S. and abroad, while staying ahead of regional timezones across the world and multiple languages.

Amazon Amazon Amazon


Creating new workflows using Smart objects in assets, dynamic content, shared assets on AWS and coding script for After Effects videos for the Amazon customer service team. 



Created on-boarding emails for the Surface Pro 2 launch and Outlook 365 promotional materials for Microsoft while at POP.

Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science Audience Science

Infographics & Iconography

For Audience Science I was tasked with creating custom illustrations and infographics for their pitch decks to help illustrate the market and their unique approach. I was responsible for creating these assets from scratch and with the intent to create large format posters to be distributed globally.

Monarchy Monarchy Monarchy Monarchy


High-end fashion designs for premium Men's and Women's lines. Specialty orders placed and garments made for Fred Segal and Nordstroms. As well as online retailers such as Revolve and Metro Park with many others around the globe. My role was expansive and challenging across all divisions. I would streamline workflows or create hi-resolution silk-screen graphics. The majority of my workload went towards apparel designs, catalogs, line-sheets, technical packs, print advertisements, online promotions, fashion runways and trade show event designs. A role of many hats that I was happy to have and wear. Here is a Link to Getty Images for the Monarchy Collection at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week.



This responsive site for SolFusion was a huge success and still provides a valuable service for their company today. Working with a small team of developers and leading the initiative, I worked with the client and my team to execute this build. 

Hass Hass Hass Hass Hass Hass


At VML I was able to explore and concept a future visual story for the CNC manufacturer brand, Haas. Created a brand style guide, web page designs and multiple visual components for promotional and pitch collateral.

The Gap The Gap The Gap

Product Engineer

While contracting with Slalom, I assisted in building the style guide for Gap Inc.'s internal buying tools and created animated prototypes for product buy off.

The Gap

Mobile Apps

Designs for a geo-cashing company, Groundspeak. Used user research to find the largest areas that would appeal to target and future demographics.

The Gap

Live Streaming

While working for Emerald City Comic-con, I designed and helped create FlipOn, a Live Streaming service. A 3 week deadline, custom built, UI/UX, dynamic content flexible, analytics integrated, payment service, panel schedule and calendar reminders for special broadcasts throughout the conference.

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