A Safe Perspective

I find this is the best application of forced perspective art I've seen. It serves a purpose by putting the real subject (pedestrians or cyclists) on a whole new level, literally. These usually photograph and share better than in person, unless you are at the perfect point to view it...

However, this seems to be simple enough and done with a great attention to detail that it appears to have a wider range of viewing angles. No easy feet. It might even look as if it's hanging upside down, hard to say. See video below.

A 3D Zebra Stripe Crosswalk Appears in Iceland

All photos by Gusti Productions

The quiet fishing town of Ísafjörður, Iceland now has one of the snazzier pedestrian crosswalks you’re likely to encounter: a traditional set of white zebra-stripes painted to appear three dimensional. The piece was created last month as part of a collaboration between street painting firm Vegi GÍH and the city’s environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla. The city hopes the piece serves both as an artwork and as a stronger visual cue that convinces motorists to slow at the crosswalk. See more in Iceland Magazine. (via Jeroen Apers, Swissmiss)

Source www.thisiscolossal.com


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