Born in the San Francisco bay area in 1980 and residing all over the state for many years, Robert Bartlett moved to Seattle in 2009 to be with his loving wife Jess continue his creative career in the North West. Previously working in the fashion and print industry (Los Angeles), Robb wanted to return to his digital background, especially in this tech-driven city, which was very adapted early on to the recent web renaissance. 

Projects have included: Responsive websites, audio/video editing, events planning, product designs, packaging, brand identities, social marketing, proprietary client tools, digital games, mobile apps, and eBusiness products.

Clients have been located in the United States, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy and France.

"Working in creative has unlimited rewards, it fuels my soul and is the number two spot as my family always comes first for that one. Everyday brings new challenges and any difficult moment brings it's own achievements. Each one ultimately adds to my overall experience while I help my clients generate business. Win win.


Following current technologies and social trends is a big part of staying creative. Leading a team by example and treating everyone fairly is just my style. I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented, honest and inspiring people you'll ever meet. From which, I have learned from the best and hope to share my knowledge and continue to learn from new experiences and those around me.

I've always made an effort to work closely with my owners, managers, designers, copywriters and (of course) developers to execute projects at the highest level they can be. Life is a team effort. We spend more time at work then we do at home, so having a quality of life with your colleagues is just as important as having a good quality of life at home. So make it count. 

Here's a list of skills and accolades which I actively build on every year. Awards are not my goal, it's the clients I help and problems I solve that help me sleep at night. My son however is the reason I don't sleep at night, even though he sleeps like a baby. Hearing phantom cries is the weirdest thing I've experienced as a parent. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, Cheers.  


Design - Sketch, Ps, Ai, #2 Pencil
Motion - Edge Animate, Flash, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premier
Print - InDesign, Spot Color, Separations, Films
Web - Responsive, Mobile-first, Jira, PHP, CSS, jQuery, HTML
Audio - Pro Tools, Reason, Abelton Live


Some of my mixes from years gone past are available on MixCloud. Mostly these are deep and tech house, starting with a residency in Santa Barbara at the Wildcat Lounge for 6 years and then had a few gigs in LA and Seattle when work and family time allowed for it. Now it's only for fun on Sunday mornings, or very rare occasions with friends. Eventually I would like to get back in to producing music, but that might be a Senior project.


Free downloads are available on Mixcloud. Please remember to wear your dance pants responsibly.