At Russell Investments I assisted our investment division of over 1,500 employees win pitches and help the company grow through mobile apps, responsive websites, event collateral and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. The volume of jobs and deadlines had their moments, as keeping up with different timezones can be challenging. However, it was an honor to be part of a highly intelligent and thoughtful team that is much more than the sum of its parts. I've been very thankful to work with a stellar group that works better than a swiss watch and for a brand that invests in the tools needed to deliver quality products to their clients. A tradition I will always continue, "the bar" has been raised.

The migration of past projects is underway as I set up my online shop, but alas it does take time. For the time being, please access my archived site. All projects are available upon request, as are letters of recommendation and references, Thank you..


"Robb is a natural leader. by which I mean that he will lead without being asked. He began leading the first day here, by setting an example with his level of engagement, his level of energy, and his great ideas. He's one of the select folks I invite to brainstorming sessions, because he consistently contributes great ideas. Mostly though, he is a kick-ass designer."

Creative Director - Russell Investments, Global Marketing

"In a corporate environment where there are numerous teams that need to stay in sync with each other, Rob demonstrated his ability to work with moving targets and multiple constraints that often cause miscommunication, errors and disorganization. Not with Robb, this is something he was able to handle with a smile everyday, as well as the ability to stay on top of projects and make sure nothing slipped through the cracks."

Creative Director - Russell Investments, Interactive and Motion Graphics

"Robert Bartlett is arguably one of the best creatives I’ve ever worked with. His skill set is a great balance between understanding the current digital technologies, strong creative problem-solving and having that eye for good layout and design. Whether it be interactive/mobile applications or high-end print pieces, Robert’s execution is always thorough and well-developed. I also find him insightful when delivering rationale in presentation settings. As Art Director with my team he always found ways to encourage the other creative talent without watering down our tendency to soften the requirement for top-tier design quality."

Creative Director - Russell Investments, Global Marketing