[Preview] Client video - 2017 year-end review video for Bluetooth. Please excuse the audio water mark for Premium Beat, the final cut is under an NDA agreement.


From simple whiteboard brainstorms, to what were static artboards with dynamic points expressing movement in shots, to the final cut of animated vector assets and live video edited to music and voiceover. There is a lot that can go into a video, using the right tools and having the best assets can only bring a story so far. Copyrighters are the real hero and I strive to be their champion, visuals should only add additional value to the screen and not distract from the message. 


Lead Designer, Art Director and contributor for all corporate digital properties in the US, EMEA, CA and AUS markets. Assisted in the rigorous evolution of brand guidelines and web standards, sitting member of the Global Interactive counsel and marketing brand management team. Projects include mobile apps, motion graphics, email templates, brochures, news broadcasts and rich media ad campaigns.